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Who am I?
Friends call me Chaks. I am originally from South India and pursued my Masters in SW Engineering in India. I moved to New Zealand (NZ) in 2007. In my 6 years in NZ, I worked as a developer, solution specialist and joined Microsoft so I can build great products for customers. I have a strong passion for Product Management. I love innovation and believe it is an essential part of product management.

What do I do today?
SharePoint Experiences team is focused on building intranet experiences in SharePoint to share, collaborate, transform business processes and empower teamwork across the organization.

As part of the SharePoint Experiences team, I work with my team to design, build and deliver out of the box and extensible solutions that integrate with Microsoft Flow and PowerApps to build business-critical solutions in SharePoint and Office 365. Along with building these integrated experiences, I also focus on building new SharePoint Lists experiences that help users to manage and visualize items in a SharePoint list.

What was I doing before?
I worked as a PM for Microsoft with the Visual Studio team and owned the SharePoint developer tooling experience in Visual Studio that helps developers discover and build SharePoint add-ins, SharePoint farm solutions and also connect to Office 365 services in their applications.

Prior to Microsoft, I worked closely with customers (government and private sector) helping them define and design enterprise applications and intranet solutions using Microsoft SharePoint technologies.

When it comes to product management?
I bring in a wealth of customer insights which helps in building great products that customers love.

I always think outside of the box and explore various options that help me build the right product for the customers.

What about latest technologies?
I stay abreast of the latest technology trends (products & services) and evaluate them as much as possible.

Outside of work?
I love to travel, explore new places and have a passion for photography.

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