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Introducing the ‘Request sign-off’ flow

Many times we have the need to send a document or a list item for a review to your manager or your colleague so you can get quick feedback. Yes, with Microsoft Flow, you can always create your own flow to get feedback. But that involves too many steps and you will have to do that for every list or library you wish to use that flow.

Introducing the out of the box, no setup required ready-to-go flow called ‘Request sign-off‘. This flow is available to all lists and libraries so users can select a document or a list item and send for feedback.


It is really simple to use. Select the document or a list item, then click on Flow menu in the command bar and then click on Request sign-off. The flow panel will then show up where you can enter the email addresses of the approvers, a personal message and run the flow.


Note that this is a lightweight feedback system and starts an approval with the document or list item details so the approver can review and provide feedback by approving or rejecting the item.

The flow uses a column called Sign-off status to track the approval status of the list item or the document.


This feature is rolling out to tenants with Targeted Release (TR) turned on. So, if you have a tenant with TR, do check out this simple lightweight flow to get feedback!

You can find more information about this feature and participate in the discussions at this Microsoft Tech Community post.

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