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I am speaking at Microsoft Ignite – Send me your requests!

I am so excited to announce that I will be speaking at Microsoft Ignite this year on SharePoint Framework. SharePoint Framework is almost a year old since we introduced to the world and now it’s time to dive deeper into the tools, tech and best practices. In that regard, my talk at Ignite this year will cover the best practices in developing SharePoint Framework components (web parts and extensions).

Building the modern SharePoint experience: Best practices from Microsoft for developing with SPFx 

With the SharePoint Framework, you can incorporate modern developer techniques to create fast, responsive components. Building on lessons from developing out-of-the-box components, in this session, we go under the hood to explore details of modern SharePoint client-side development tools to not only manage your developer environment but also give you an edge in building optimized and performant web parts and extensions. We also show how you can streamline deployment with SharePoint CDN facilities to strike the optimal mix of flexibility and performance for your projects.

psst...there will be a surprise guest in my session as well!

I certainly have a lot to talk about, but what do you want me to cover? I would like to know what topics and best practices you want me to discuss/showcase in the session.

Remember that, even if you are not attending Ignite, you will be able to stream the session afterward.

So, send me your requests in the comments below and I shall try my best to include it in my session.

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