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SharePoint Framework reaches Release Candidate 0

Today SharePoint Framework (SPFx) reached an important milestone for the team, the framework and our partners and customers. We just released the Release Candidate 0 build!

Developers, I highly encourage you all to read the release notes. Tons of information on whats changed in this build, especially on the API changes that would need your immediate attention to update existing web part code.

Some key, but not all, notable changes are:

  • We’ve migrated from typings to @types for the typescript typings.
  • We’ve renamed the .spapp extension to .sppkg when you build your package.
  • ‘protected get propertyPaneSettings(): IPropertyPaneSettings’ should now be ‘protected getPropertyPaneConfiguration(): IPropertyPaneConfiguration’
  • The HttpContext has changed a bit, moving packages (@microsoft/sp-http) and names (now SPHttpContext). We’ve also introduced the notion of configurations, so you’ll need to pass one of those in. The lab that connects to SharePoint is updated to show to do this
  • In the framework agnostic starting code that gets created by the yeoman generator now safely encodes non-html properties like description.

Hope you enjoy the update and as always let us know if you have any questions or feedback!

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