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SharePoint Workbench now serving from your SharePoint Site

SharePoint Workbench is a developer design surface that enables you to quickly preview and test web parts without deploying them in SharePoint.


There are basically two forms of the workbench. One that is available locally with the SharePoint Framework (SPFx) developer toolchain and another that you can use use in a SharePoint site in your tenancy. The key difference between the two is that, the latter loads SPFx version from Office 365 and the former loads SPFx version from your local toolchain. So, it is tremendously useful to test and validate your web parts against the service.

When we released SPFx preview, you had to download and upload the workbench to your SharePoint site in order to use it with your site. This is/was a cumbersome process as it required a few manual steps.

As we progressed in the preview, we made changes and reduced the complexity in accessing workbench from your SharePoint site. Good news, SharePoint Workbench is now available from any SharePoint site in your tenancy by browsing to the following URL:


You no longer need to upload the workbench to your site. You can just access it directly from that URL. (Quick, bookmark it!)

Few caveats:

  • SPFx is in developer preview. This is applicable to Office 365 Developer Tenants and First Release tenants.
  • You will need to be running your web part locally in order to load it in the workbench hosted in your SharePoint site. It relies on the local SPFx toolchain running to gather web part information.
  • SPFx Docs will be updated soon to reflect this change.

As always, we are listening for feedback. Feel free to drop by and discuss.

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