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Welcome to SharePoint Framework Preview

As promised, SharePoint Framework (SPFx) preview was released on August 17th, 2016.

We have published docs and tutorials for you to start and get familiar with the client-side framework. Head straight to to learn more about the SharePoint Framework.

The SharePoint Framework is still in initial Developer Preview, and it’s still rough around the edges. As we work to improve the SharePoint Framework, we’d love your feedback! If you have feedback, please use UserVoice. If you have technical questions about the framework, we’ll be monitoring #spfx, #spfx-webparts, and #spfx-tooling onSharePoint StackExchange.

Happy SPFx coding all!

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  1. I have a question about SPFx. We are building an SP2016 On-Prem Farm and licensing SharePoint without Software Assurance. I’m trying to find out if the SPFx will be provided to On-Prem customers and how will it become available? Meaning, will it be in a Feature Pack (this I understand requires software assurance), or will I be able to download it when available and just start using it.