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The Next Chapter: NextGen Portals and Apps

Its been an adventurous ride with the Office Developer Tools, Visual Studio team but time has come for me to move on. During my time with the Office Developer Tools, I was able to build/improve the app for SharePoint tooling, contribute to Office 365 APIs and build the Office 365 API Tools for Visual Studio:

I am now officially part of Office 365 Work Experiences team, working on NextGen Portals, designing the developer experiences for the ‘ready-to-go’ and custom portals. In addition to NextGen portals, I will also be working on the overall app for SharePoint development model pushing more updates and goodness to APIs, CSOM, JSOM and what not!

What are these NextGen Portals?

Portals—Over the years, our customers have built incredibly rich, dynamic portals. Now we’re expanding the portfolio and delivering new ‘ready-to-go’ Portals that historically would have taken customers weeks, if not months, to build. NextGen Portals, by design, are intelligent, collaborative, mobile and ready to go. Office 365 Video, delivered in 2014, is the first NextGen Portal. In 2015, we’ll add new portals focused on knowledge management and people, as well.

– Julia White, general manager for the Office Product Management team.

As always you can count on me blogging and introducing you to these awesome NextGen Portals that deliver a streamlined experience across Office 365.

Stay tuned for \\Build and Ignite 2015 as well!

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