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Access Azure Active Directory Portal from your Office 365 Subscription

One of the key (and the most important) steps for your application to consume Office 365 APIs is to register an Azure Active Directory application in your Office 365 subscription tenant for that application and configure access to specific Office 365 APIs (mail, calendar, contacts, my files etc.,)

The Problem

However, accessing your Office 365 subscription’s tenant directory from the Azure Active Directory (AD) portal has been a painful task that you had to link it to an existing Azure subscription and that you have to login with your Microsoft Account and not with Office 365 subscription account also complicates things when accessing the Azure Active Directory portal.

The Solution

I am happy to announce that this task isn’t painful anymore!

When you login to your Office 365 Admin Portal, you will now see the Azure AD option along with other services (SharePoint, Exchange etc.,)

Azure AD






Clicking ‘Azure AD’ will let you sign up for Microsoft Azure AD (which is free) and let you login to Azure portal where you can then manage your Azure AD applications.

Do I need a credit card to sign up?

This task does not require a credit card to sign up.

However, you need to verify that you are not a robot by entering a code that is sent to your mobile.

Azure AD Subscription

Will it work with all Office 365 subscriptions?

This option is available to:

  1. Office 365 Developer Account subscriptions
  2. Paid Enterprise (E1, E3 and E4) Subscriptions
  3. I have not tested in Home and Business (Business, Business Essentials and Business Premium) subscriptions

Unfortunately, it is not available for trial subscriptions.

Please note that it might take a while before your tenant gets this update as it is just being deployed.

Also, this might not work if you have already linked your Office 365 subscription with your existing Azure subscription.

As usual, leave a comment here if you have any issues creating the Azure AD portal for your Office 365 subscription.

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  1. this is available in demo tenant running on E3 plan. I can locate under O365 Admin Center –> Admin –> Azure AD in left scroll area.

    • Just tried it with a demo tenant from

      Automatic access to Azure Active Directory is limited to customers with paid services. To access your Azure Active Directory you will need to activate an Azure subscription.

      • Yes. This integration currently is only available for paid customers. Microsoft Office Demos is still a trial demo tenant.

        That said, you can link your tenant subscription directory to an existing Azure subscription under Active Directories.