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Getting familiar with the Office 365 API Client Libraries

Along with the Office 365 API Tools for Visual Studio 2013, you also get a rich set of Office 365 API .NET and Cordova client libraries to interact with the Office 365 APIs. These libraries are a direct transformation of the Office 365 API services’ metadata, so you don’t have to worry how the metadata looks like as what you see in the library is what you see in the service metadata and vice versa.

Office 365 API client libraries are published as NuGet packages so you can always get the latest quickly as the service metadata changes.

How do I know which library to use in which projects in Visual Studio?

Office 365 API Tools for Visual Studio 2013 supports a variety of projects:

  1. Windows Store Applications
    • .NET Windows Store Apps
    • .NET Windows Store Universal Apps
    • .NET Windows Phone 8.1 Apps
  2. Windows Desktop Applications
    • Windows Forms Applications
    • WPF Applications
  3. ASP.NET Web Applications
    • ASP.NET MVC Web Applications
    • ASP.NET Web Forms Applications
  4. Cross Platform Applications
    • Xamarin Android and iOS Applications
    • Multi-device Hybrid Apps (Visual Studio Cordova Applications

The .NET client libraries are portable class libraries, meaning, they can be added to all .NET projects including Xamarin projects.

There are special libraries for Cordova projects as they are packaged JavaScript web applications.

Below are the NuGet packages list:

Below is a list of packages added to different projects when you select the different services respectively:

[table id=2 /]

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  1. HI Chaks,
    I am also using Office 365 API but getting one error.

    Please help me to get out of it.
    I tried in Console Applicaiton, Win Form application ,wpf application but not able to do it.
    I am able to access office 365 using REST API in Web applicaion.
    But not with client application.

    AADSTS70001: Application with identifier e2bcbafe-d18e-45df-8820-81d42b639542 was not found in the directory

    Trace ID: 933cb37f-f6a7-42fa-bbae-3d82a8792f20

    Correlation ID: 0b18a70d-5ca6-42d0-9941-6e1dd7ade8b9

    Timestamp: 2015-06-10 14:56:11Z
    Any help on this.