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The Ultimate Link Roll for Getting Started with Office 365 APIs

Now that Office 365 APIs are generally available, you would want to go integrate Office data into your applications and are looking for resources for you to get started.

A lot of folks have asked me – “How/Where do I get started?”

One of the key things we focused along with making sure the services are in GA is to also update our documentation so it lets you not only get started with integrating your app with Office 365 APIs, but also provide key code snippets and other advanced tasks that you require.

The respective teams are working hard to improve the content on a weekly basis so feel free to submit your ideas or suggestions so we can improve the overall developer experience!

Below are some key links for you to get started:

As always, we are listening! Done’t forget to  submit your ideas and suggestion(s) so we can improve the overall developer experience!

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  1. Hey Chaks,

    thx for sharing this list of links. Awesome. That’s exactly what new O365 Devs are looking for.

    Hope we’ve the chance to chat about all that cool stuff next week in redmond.