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Office 365 API Sample: Xamarin Android Contacts Sample

During my last interview with Beth Massi, I demoed an Xamarin Android Contacts sample.

The sample is now available in Office Dev GitHub. Feel free to contribute to this sample so it can include not just reading the contacts, but also other operations such as adding, updating and deleting contacts.



The sample allows you to sign in to your Office 365 tenant and read your contacts along with the contact pictures.

To load the contact picture, the sample first tries to find if the contact entity has a picture associated with it and load it. If not, it will query the AD Graph to see if the user is an AD user and has a profile picture and load it. If there is no picture in either case, it will load a default image.

You can refer to my other post to find out how to perform CRUD operations for Contacts.

Looking forward to your contributions!

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