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Office 365 API Contacts CRUD Sample Code

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I just published the sample code to perform the basic create, read, update and delete operations on Contacts API.

You can clone the GitHub repository here.

Feel free to share the love and contribute to the code.

NOTE: Currently, Paging is broken in Exchange. Will update the code to include paging sample once paging works.

Lets quickly look at the code:

Create a Contact:

Read Contacts:

Get Contact Picture:

Update Contact:

Delete Contact:

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  1. Looks like the code that you had published is for the Windows Store apps. Is the code available for the Office 365 API Preview for the MVC as well?

  2. Hi Chaks

    I tried the CRUD example on Xamarin Android. I am able to retrieve all contacts but not able to create or update contact.

    I don’t get any error messages but the code awaits at the point i update or create contact.

    Any idea why?
    IContact contact = new Contact();
    contact.GivenName = “GivenName”;
    contact.DisplayName = “DisplayName”;
    contact.EmailAddress1 = “”;

    //add the contact
    //app awaits at this point and does not go past this line
    await client.Me.Contacts.AddContactAsync(contact);


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