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Apps for SharePoint, Say Hello to MVC

Last week at Build, we unveiled Visual Studio 2013 (VS2013) Preview. This preview also contains the latest version of Office Developer Tools.

One of the cool things we added for this release is the support for MVC web application projects for your remote web application! Prior to VS2013 preview, you were able to create cloud apps (autohosted and provider-hosted apps) with only Web Forms project as the remote web application. With VS2013 preview, you can now choose what you want!

MVC Support for apps for SharePoint

MVC Support for apps for SharePoint

Get to know more about MVC support for apps for SharePoint here



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  1. Have you noticed behavior that in case of MVC Web Project for SharePoint app, some of the tooling functionality are not there – “Add Controller”, “Add View”…

    Or it’s just something wrong on my side: VS2013 RC/Win8 Enterprise/Office 365 E3 Trial