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Downloading Office Developer Tools for Offline Install


Office Developer Tools uses the Web Platform Installer (WebPI) to install the latest version of the tools. This has a lot of advantages over the traditional setup packages, such as it helps us to always deliver the latest package.

WebPI however requires internet connection to download the require packages to install. That’s a bummer for people who are looking to install the tools offline.

Meet the WebPICmd.exe

It is indeed possible to download the files for offline install using WebPI so you can then transfer the files in a USB and install it in your server or include it in your installation script.

Below are the steps to download the files offline:

1) Download and install Web Platform Installer

– If you have Visual Studio 2012, you already have WebPI.

2) Open Command Prompt window as Administrator

3) Navigate to “%programfiles%microsoftweb platform installer”

– WebPICmd.exe is available in “%programfiles%microsoftweb platform installer”

4) Execute the following command to download Office Developer Tools files offline:

webpicmd.exe /Offline /Products:OfficeToolsForVS2012RTW /Path:{local or network path}

Replace the highlighted with your local or network path where you want to download the files

This will download all the required files, including any dependencies and the WebPICmd.exe itself so you can take it offline.


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