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IE9: Showing more sites on about:Tabs

I love IE9! It has been my default browser since the RC (I was using Chrome during the beta).

The new tabs page (about:Tabs) displays the most popular sites visited:


And now my web sites are just a click away!

Not surprisingly, this is my home page.

To set about:Tabs as your home page:

1) Open a new tab

2) Go to Tools –> Internet Options

3) Under General tab | Home Page section, click on User current

But I browse a lot of web sites daily and that 10 web sites/2 row limit is just too little for me! I wanted more sites to be displayed in my new tab (about:Tabs) page.

Thanks to Eric, there is indeed a registry hack to increase the number of rows in about:Tabs page!


IE9 team, please add this in the Options dialog box Smile

If you are too afraid to run the registry script, there is an app for you! – IE9 Tweaker

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