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SharePoint 2010: InfoPath Form Web Part

One thing I quite like in SharePoint 2010 is the new InfoPath Form Web Part!


You guessed it right! You can now directly insert InfoPath forms in a SharePoint page using this web part!


Once your form is published to the site, it is available to choose for this InfoPath web part.


And here is the added InfoPath form to my page:


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  1. Hi man,

    When I edit the web part noted above, it doesn’t find any InfoPath libraries in my site, but I have the forms template library with the correct template.

    Any thoughts?

  2. Hi Chak,

    Nice post on Infopath in 2010. Do you know how this is going to play out in a WCM public facing scenario.

    Will it support anonymous form submission ok?
    Are the forms rendered in table based layouts and non-compliant XHTML markup?