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Item-level Permissions for Document Libraries – Release v1.1.0.0

Just released Item-level Permission for Document Libraries v1.0.0.0. You can get it here.


Changes in v1.1.0.0

– ILP now uses SharePoint Solution Installer for installation/un-installation

– Fixed a bug with Timer Job & RunWithElevatedPriviliges

– Changed the visibility of the ILP site columns, ILP list instance. They are now visible in the site.

– Added the ability for developers to hook their own event handlers. Read more here >> Info for developers

Known Issues

– If you are using the API to enable ILP & register your custom event handlers, you have to use the API again to disable ILP & un-register your custom event handlers to the corresponding document library or list.

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  1. Hi,

    We are implementing custom FBA and return roles for the logged in user from another application. This happens after authentication as part of authorization. We have created a folder structure and since we want to control access per folder we are breaking role inheritance at each folder level. we are experiencing slowness after creating 30-40 folders.

    This statement is taking the most time : list.BreakRoleInheritance(false)

    We are wondering if breaking inheritance at each folder level is practical?

    Thanks in advance…