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Add Bing to Windows 7

Now that Bing is live, you would like to try out the new search engine. If you want to add Bing as one of the search providers in your Internet Explorer browser, you can do so from here

You can add Bing to your Internet Explorer by installing the Bing search add-on available at the Internet Explorer add-ons website.


And if you want to add Bing to Windows 7, you can do so by downloading this small file and enjoy Bing in Windows 7!



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  1. Looking good… I’m looking to federate Bing results with MOSS enterprise search results in SharePoint using a federated location definition file(.FLD) for Bing; anyone know of one?

  2. This OSD uses an unsupported, undocumented RSS endpoint.

    Please modify it to use the following:

    to use the official RSS interface for Bing

    –Alessandro Catorcini
    Bing API Program Management