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StsAdmin Extension Utility – createsitecolumn

NOTE: As of June 26th, 2009, this utility has a new home –

Feel free to post your feature suggestions or any bugs related to StsAdm ‘createsitecolumn’ extension here


Here is my first ever stsadm.exe command extension! – createsitecolumn

stsadm.exe -o createsitecolumn -url http://mysite -name MyTextField -type Text -group Examples

stsadm.exe -o createsitecolumn -url http://mysite -name MyChoiceField -type Choice -group Examples -choices 4,5,3

stsadm.exe -o createsitecolumn -url http://mysite -name MyChoiceField -type MultiChoice -group Examples -choices “Choice A”,”Choice B”

Currently supported column types are as follows:

  • Text
  • Note
  • Choice
  • Boolean
  • Calculated
  • Currency
  • Number
  • User
  • URL
  • DateTime
  • MultiChoice

If there exists a site column already, the command will delete that site column and create again with the supplied values. This is one of the places I require your valuable feedback – whether to delete the site column if its already present


Extract the and run the Setup.exe. Make sure you deploy the solution only to central administration.


Below are the installation screenshots






After successful installation, you can check the extension using this command: stsadm –help createsitecolumn 


Feel free to comment or email me if you have find any bugs or any suggestions! I am very happy to get your feedback.

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