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SPVisualDev & MOSS Feature Generator – Must have tools for SharePoint devs

Here is an interesting tool called SPVisualDev. Thought I could share with everyone 🙂

Without much boring texts, here is what you get with this wonderful tool

First, it creates this lovely folder structure for your project 🙂


You can easily specify the target for your project


Real time sync files from your local visual studio project with files in the 12-hive


Easy to add new features


Easy to edit feature settings


Easy to add ‘elements’ to your feature


Easy to install / activate SharePoint features from context menu


Integrates well with WSPBuilder


What else a SharePoint dev need! 🙂

Visit the SPVisualDev project home page for more info and downloads

Another cool project worth mentioning is the MOSS Feature Generator. The MOSS Feature Generator generates features out of existing functionalities on a MOSS 2007 site. This includes Site Columns, Content Types and ListTemplates (including schema.xml and forms). The tool will be expanded in two ways: a build tree will be created to make it possible to create dependant features in an organized way, and the number of supported features will be expanded.

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