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Upgraded my blog to BlogEngine.NET from Graffiti CMS

After getting tired of Graffiti CMS not releasing any interesting updates, I thought its high time I upgrade to something robust and stable blogging platform. My immediate choice was BlogEngine.NET πŸ™‚

The upgrade was not that easy as I had to somehow find a way to import my old graffiti posts into the new BlogEngine.NET. It is a shame that Graffiti CMS does not have any export functionality and only import functionality.

Searching through graffiti forums, I found a post by Curt saying he has developed a small tool which could export graffiti posts to a BlogML file! Something I was looking for! If that worked, I could easily import the contents into my BlogEngine.NET.

With no time to spare, I contacted Curt regarding his application. The application worked really well and converted all of my posts to BlogML format. Thanks a lot Curt πŸ™‚

There is one problem though – A bug in the BlogEngine.NET’s BlogML importer stops it from importing the tags, so you might have to manually tag your posts after an import – Thats certainly not good, but the fact that I was able to import my old posts, is a big thumbs up!

Bye Bye Graffiti CMS, you are good, but not as good as other platforms!

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  1. Glad my app helped you out. I’m still working on my site update. Did you ever get the Tags to come over? Also, were you able to get Images to come over?
    The last thing I noticed was comment users, seems that those didn’t all come over either.
    I’m stil re-working my Graffiti Exporter but I think it’s getting close to "as good as it gets".
    I’m also tweaking a DNBE theme for use too, based on the same one you’re using actually, just tweaked a lot.

  2. @Curt – I had to manually edit each post and set tags again here. I didn’t find any problems in comments. They are fine here in this new blog πŸ™‚

    With Images – I was lucky I was using Windows Live Writer for blogging. Windows Live Writer uploads the images to a directory. For me it was


    So I just copied the /files to my cuurent BlogEngine.NET directory and images worked πŸ™‚

  3. Now you have a problem with Google, all your old urls are no longer working! Google indexed this page for you:


    That gives a 404. Now it’s this page:


    That is the single reason I chose Graffiti CMS, no extensions on my urls.