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Extending SharePoint by Adding Custom Actions

So, you want to add your custom items in the SharePoint menus or toolbars ? You can do so by adding your own Custom Action. Custom Action is a SharePoint Feature which makes your life easier if you want to customize your site.

Some examples of where you might want to add items may be:

1) In the Upload Drop Down menu in the Document Library


2) In the Edit Menu content block


If you do a web search, you will find that many people have achieved this by modifying a file called core.js. This is a JavaScript file used by SharePoint master page and has all the code in creating those menus.

But *it is not recommended* to change the SharePoint’s core files.How do we do this then?

If you do sometimes want to hide items in the Edit Control Block, MSDN again has a neat article on how to perform this.

My only advice when doing customisations to a SharePoint website would be, *not to modify the default SharePoint files* !

Here is my modified Edit Control Block for my Document Library :

I have hidden the Send To menu and added a new action item – Send Item for Review


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