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New and Fresh – Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2


Microsoft today finally released IE beta 2 🙂 and the release is loaded with cool new features!

Well, by this time you might have found so many blogs speaking about all the new features available. I am not going to go through them now, but I am going to talk about the features that made me feel good about IE 8 😉

Find on Page


This is the great addition to IE! I think this should have been the most requested feature and finally we have it today! 🙂

Improved Search Bar

We already have the ability to change the search provider in IE 7, but in IE 8 Beta 2, it even got better in selecting the search provider 🙂


Isn’t that cool? You can now select the search provider immediately after you type!

Visual Search

If you have used Safari browser, you should be aware of the plug-in Inquisitor – IE 8 too has something similar now 🙂


Smart Address Bar

Firefox’s  latest release had it and so do IE 8!


(Click to enlarge)

IE 8 takes a step further – You can delete those entries if you don’t like them!


Compatibility Icon

This is quite handy! An icon to switch between Compatibility modes


Suggested Sites

You might one day visit some web site and would like to know whether there are any other web site of same kind. IE 8 has a solution for you – It can suggest similar web sites of the kind you are looking for – It just needs some time to learn though 😉


This needs rigorous testing to see whether IE 8 suggests proper web sites or not.

InPrivate Browsing

This is quite handy feature for those who want to……. – Visit here to know more about this cool feature 🙂

Microsoft has also updated IE 8 web site with Accelerators, Web Slices, Plug-ins and Extensions

I think IE 8 is getting geared up for a wonderful release!

Firefox, I introduce you – the New & Fresh IE 8 Beta 2!

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  1. IE8 beta 2 has been a great release so far from our Redmond friends. We should not forget that its still Beta and we will have issues with it. I was playing around with IE8 Tab Grouping and also looking into Task Manager on how IE8 was performing. Tab