Products and Features Shipped

Below you will find the list of features and products that I designed and shipped (in no particular order). This list will be updated as and when I ship new features and products.

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Key Features

SharePoint Framework (SPFx)
The SharePoint Framework (SPFx) is a page and web part model that provides full support for client-side SharePoint development, easy integration with SharePoint data, and support for open source tooling.

SharePoint Client-side web parts
SharePoint client-side web parts are controls that appear inside a SharePoint page but run locally in the browser. They’re the building blocks of pages that appear on a SharePoint site.

SharePoint Webhooks
SharePoint webhooks enable developers to build applications that subscribe to receive notifications on specific events that occur in SharePoint. When an event is triggered, SharePoint sends an HTTP POST payload to the subscriber.

Office Developer Tools for Visual Studio – Apps for SharePoint
Office Developers Tools for Visual Studio 2013 includes new project and project item templates and the ability to package and publish your apps for SharePoint to the Office Store or an app catalog. The Visual Studio App for SharePoint template helps you connect to Azure, use ASP.NET MVC, and much more.

Other features that might interest you

SharePoint Framework Asset Packaging
Developers can now package their client-side assets in their SPFx solution, such as the JavaScript files, images etc., into the SPFx package and deploy to the app catalog.  Once deployed, these assets will be served from Office 365 CDN.

Tenant Properties
Store and retrieve global properties for your SPFx component in the app catalog for use in SPFx solutions. The storage entity allows tenant administrators to manage entities with keys and its respective values which can then be consumed by SPFx components such as web parts and extensions.

Support for Office UI Fabric Core Styles
Developers can safely reference Office UI Fabric styles in their SPFx components. Office UI Fabric is the set of core styles, typography, a responsive grid, animations, icons, and other fundamental building blocks of the overall design language.

SharePoint Workbench
SharePoint Workbench is a developer design surface that enables you to quickly preview and test client-side web parts without deploying them in SharePoint.

Office 365 API Tools for Visual Studio 2013
Office 365 APIs enable developers to integrate Office resources (such as calendars, contacts, mail, file, and profile information) directly into their custom applications. Office 365 API tooling developer experience within Visual Studio that helps developers discover and consume Office 365 services in their applications. This involves understanding how developers use Visual Studio and build an intuitive way to consume services.

Integrating Document Experiences into Cloud Business Applications
Documents are critical pieces of information in many business applications. For instance, you may want to show a list of documents that are specific to a product when a user chooses to view the product’s details. You may also want to allow your users to manage documents in the application. Office 365 Cloud Business App now enables you to attach to a SharePoint document library and set up relationships between documents and business entities. With this capability, you can quickly build an application that shows documents related to a specific data field.

Debugging App Remote Event Receivers with Visual Studio
This feature allows developers to deploy their remote event receivers in an app for SharePoint to a remote SharePoint site and debug the deployed event receiver from within the local environment using Visual Studio. Without this feature, developers were unable to debug the remote events in SharePoint that were deployed via their apps.

Add Search Capabilities to Apps for SharePoint
This feature allowed developers to include search capabilities in their app and deploy custom SharePoint search configurations to a search-enabled SharePoint site. Custom search configurations include all customized query rules, result sources, result types, and site search settings.

Deploy App Artifacts from the Root Node in an App for SharePoint Project
This feature allows developers to deploy the items added to the root node of the apps for SharePoint project. The items added to the root node usually applies to images, scripts, ASPX pages. This feature allows web developers who are new to apps for SharePoint development perform almost similar activities as they would in their web projects where they are familiar with adding items to the root node of their web project and referencing them in other project files.

System to collect Apps for SharePoint Developer Feedback in Visual Studio
This feature allows Microsoft to collect valuable developer (customer) feedback from Visual Studio regarding apps for SharePoint projects. I designed and integrated the feedback system with the Visual Studio Experience Improvement Program. With this feedback system in place, Microsoft is able to collect and analyze the different app for SharePoint development patterns, app artifacts etc., and is used in improving the product accordingly.

Enable Visual Studio to Run As Normal User 
Developers are required to run Visual Studio as an administrator to build Apps for SharePoint. This feature enables users to no longer run Visual Studio as administrator and to ‘Run Visual Studio As Normal User’ (RANU) to build SharePoint apps by running Visual Studio without requiring any administrator privileges. The reason it was required to run Visual Studio to be run as administrator was due to the fact that Internet Explorer switches the associated SharePoint sites during debugging between different security zones and thus switching  the respective sites from non-protected mode to protected mode and vice-versa. Running as an administrator will ignore these security zone changes and do not cause any debugging issues.

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